Produktcode: MRInt-2022-1-20
Fundstelle: MR-Int 2022 Heft 1, 20 - 27
Autor: Miro Jakúbek / Agata Komorowska / Klara Sommerová
Titel: Lessons learned from the Pandemic: Body temperature checks during the pandemic and the scope of GDPR
Beschreibung: The Covid pandemic: a stress test for GDPR - how various European countries assessed the applicability of GDPR to body temperature checks during the COVID-pandemic - missing legal definition of automated means - definition of the scope of GDPR - Regulation 2018/1725 regarding the processing of personal data by the Union institutions - applicable legal basis for measurement of body temperature for identifying persons with infection risks - consent - Art 9 (2) GDPR - lack of national laws that would meet the demands of the opening clauses of Articles (9) (2) (b) and (9) (2) (i) respectively
Kategorie: Datenschutzrecht/data protection law (EU)
Preis: EUR 11.00 (Nettopreis EUR 10.00 zzgl. 10.00 % USt.) und zzgl. Versandkosten
ISBN: 1817-8456 (MuR Wien)
Typ: Artikel PDF
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