Produktcode: MRInt-2021-3-126
Fundstelle: MR-Int 2021 Heft 3, 126 - 129
Autor: Hannibal Travis
Titel: State of Florida Appeals Ruling Against Anti-deplatforming Law: Initial Conclusion Is That Law Violates Freedoms of Speech and of the Press
Beschreibung: Florida's anti-deplatforming law of 2021 was based on the premise that certain very large social media platforms should be treated similarly to common carriers: candidates for statewide or local political office in Florida would not be subject to ordinary content moderation - targeted at the deplatforming of former President Trump by Facebook etc. - another provision is aimed at policies resulting in the shadowbanning - or deprioritizing of - certain political candidates’ posts - another provision would allow social media users to opt out of algorithmic content prioritization and presentation and see posts by other followed users of the platform chronologically - legal challenge of the law by Internet Industry Groups - the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida agreed with the Big Tech companies that the Florida law failed First Amendment scrutiny - prospects for the State of Florida’s appeal - legislative activities in the U.S. Congress to restrict certain forms of ‘discrimination’ or deprioritization as of a video platform or social media app disadvantaged by Alphabet/Google
Kategorie: U.S. legal developments on digital platforms; First Amendment
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ISBN: 1817-8456 (MuR Wien)
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